Figaro Silver Chain 55 cm / 22 inches by 5 mm

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Unisex silver necklace made with real Sterling silver.

The model of the link is the always classic Figaro.

This is popular and versatile piece jewelry.


  • Material: Silver 925 (stamped)
  • Total length: 55 cm equivalent to 22 Inches
  • Total width:  5 millimeters


  • Ships from Richmond, BC, Canada.
  • Average ETA 2 to 3 days.
  • We ship worldwide but our fastest deliveries are within Canada and USA.
  • This product is made in Mexico.

Why you should order this silver necklace?

Buying gold or silver it's always a good idea, mainly because they never drop their price!

With this piece of silver jewelry you are not only buying a fashionable item to wear and spread the world your personality, you are also doing a sort of small investment since the quality of the material is close to the highest 999 silver purity.

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