Q: Where are you shipping from?

A: We ship from Canada (Vancouver, BC area).


Q: Where is your silver jewelry originally made?

A: All our silver is made in Mexico and we legally ship it to Canada for its distribution to our final customers.


Q: How long will I need to wait for my shipping?

A: We ship the next business day of your order and it takes 2 to 5 days to deliver it in the Canadian and US market.


Q: Is this real silver?

A: Yes, it's real stamped silver (S925).


Q: What happens if my parcel gets lost?

A: We will provide a tracking number and will be checking on a daily basis the progress of it, but if by any chance it gets definitely lost, we will claim the insurance for you so you face no losses.


Q: Is it safe to provide my personal and credit card information to you?

A: We rely on the Shopify cyber security protocols to provide a safe shopping experience for all our customers, when an order is being placed, they analyze many different aspects in order to detect if there is something wrong, if they notice any piece of conflict, they will flag the order and report us about the possible scam, basically you are in the best hands!


Q: I made an order and it was immediately rejected, why did that happen?

A: As explained in the previous answer, we use a platform that offers protection to our customers but also to us, if the company considers that there might be something wrong with your order, it will be flagged and we might reject it in order to protect both parts.


Q: If it's not what I expected, will you refund me?

A: In the rare case that you don't like your jewelry, don't worry we will ask you to ship it back to us and we will fully refund you.